Lowepro @ New Multifunctional Lifestyle Bags

Being a lifestyle blogger, camera plays an important role in my life.
I must bring my camera with me no matter where I go to capture beautiful pictures, create interesting stories, and share them with my readers.
For that reason, I must have an organized bag, which not only handle my camera, but also all the necessary accessories and personal items that help me get through a day.
I really don't like to carry two bags, because it's too hassle! #dontyouthinkso?
When you speak about an organized bag, the main feature for me must be the compartmentalization area of the bag.
The more compartments the bag has, the more convenient for me because it helps to organize my belongings a lot better.
Well, I think that's pretty good enough to explain why I fall in love with Lowepro on my first sight. :)

That Urban+Tote is my favourite from Lowepro's latest collection. :)

First and foremost, a big welcome to Lowepro!
Lowepro is the world's first trusted brand for it's high quality protective backpacks, cases and camera bags.
In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Lowepro, today they are introducing four new collections comprising 18 exciting designs through their partner's, Veedoo Sdn Bhd at the first outlet in Malaysia, KLCC,
All the four new collections of Campus+, Urban+, Matrix+ and Travel+ are created in various forms for either lifestyle or photography enthusiasts.

Lowepro has been constantly growing and innovating with time, while still maintaining it's functionality, durability, design elements and comfort to their products.
This is one of the oldest design bag from Lowepro, and you can see how much they have changed from the first generation till today's by continue reading this post. :)

Campus+ Backpack brings colourful daily life to young thrill-seekers with it's 3 striking colours, like blue, red and yellow.
The backpack not only has an outdoor-inspired and stylish look, it is also lightweight and water-repellent that holds up under weather-challenging or harsh environment.
The functional design has plenty of storage to carry your devices, such as tablet or 15"laptop with it's padded NB compartment.
And, the zipped pocket at the top is with anti-scratch fabric, where to keep small personal items such as sun glasses and keys.

Love all three different colours from the Urban+ Klettersack and Urban+ Backpack!
Both collections have detachable camera case, provide extra room when you don't need your camera, and additional room for your personal items.
For the Urban+ Klettersack, it also has a compartment for tablet or 12" Macbook too!
Since they both are quite a compact sizes compare to the other backpacks, they are more suitable for mirrorless and small DLSR cameras users.

Lowepro Urban+ also has innovative yet stylish collection for the ladies, such as Urban+ Messenger and Urban+ Tote.
Both designed bags have same features, like zippered interior pocket for small accessories, shoulder strap and also removable camera cases.
I myself really like the Urban+ Tote because the design and colours are easy to match with any outfits, and also it allows me to store my Lumix GF9 and other stuffs in all organized compartment. :)

However, if you said you only want a well organized company shoulder bag, check out the Urban+ Shoulder Bag
The bag designs help you to organize all your things at the padded, flexible and adjustable partition and pockets. 

Matrix+ Backpack is one of the Lowepro collection that makes you look smart and stylish everyday from your gym to office.
The bag includes a detachable camera case, and a spacious side pocket for personal belongings such as towels, clothings, water bottles etc.
The back panel compartment can fit most 15"laptop or tablet and the body side zipper provides extra security to the users too.

Be safe while travelling with Travel+ Backpack!
The bag is fitted with radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking side pockets to secure your personal ID and credits cards.
It is built with long lasting and sleek water resistant material to protect the contents of your pack.
The different compartments are spacious enough for documents, personal items, and 14"laptop.

This is how the separated camera bag that attached with most of the Lowepro designed bags.
Though it looks compact yet it's specious enough to fit your camera needs in one bag.

Each Lowepro bag is purpose-built and it's expertly designed to protect gears and personal belongings from specific environments.
Also, you can see the designs and colurs are actually very friendly, and also easy for matching with any outfits.

I'm so ready to bring my Lowepro backpack to my next trip soon! #where?!?

Anyway, all Lowepro collections are exclusively available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan 1 Utama and Isetan The Gardens now.
For more information about Lowepro and other Veedoo's products, head over to www.veedoo2u.com or FB page at www.facebook.com/veedoo2u.

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