Swanicoco At Watsons @ Korea's Top Bio Cosmetics Brand

I'm a huge fans of K-beauty! Are you?!
I love Korean beauty products because I think they always are more advanced, and also won't cost a bomb in your wallet.
Besides, Korean products always come with attractive and adorable packaging no matter it's an expensive or cheap products.
My lady-young heart here just couldn't resist buying them. :)
대박! Watsons Malaysia is bringing another new skincare product, Swanicoco from Korea to us!

Swanicoco's brand name, meaning pursuing the elegance of a "swan" (feminine), and "coco" meaning "coconut" (offering botanical natural cosmetics) as well as "cuteness" in French.
Swanicoco started it's brand from simple natural soap making, then slowly moving to natural ordinary skincare products.
After all the trial-and-error process, Swanicoco has successfully passed numerous inspections and underwent improvements.
In order to rise to the top bio cosmetics brand in Korea, Swanicoco has a strong philosophy in making sure all products obtain from first grade quality of raw ingredients, engage in ceaseless bio development research to create a natural bio system.

The brand uses natural ingredients instead of artificial and chemical ingredients, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and Korean medicinal herbs.
For that reason, Swanicoco is dermatologically safe, having no skin side effects and earth-friendly advantages.
They provide the assurance of providing excellent benefits to the skin; for example regenerating and controlling skin elasticity using organic herbal and botanicals sourced from all over the world.

Swanicoco's skincare product's range is huge, from toner, emulsion, ampules, cream, mist, pore care, mask pack, and face oil.
A. C Control Care Skin Toner & Emulsion is especially for acne-prone, oily and natural skin type.
The tee-tree leaf water and ceramides have the effects of the antibacterial and antibiotic to prevent and calm down pimples.

I love the strong Ginseng smell so much!
The Gold Plan Stem Pure Ampoule is suitable for all types of skin.
It's cultivated wild ginseng stem cell root and gold extracts can help to control the elasticity and damaged skin, moisture keeping and skin tone improving and nourishing.

Another ampule that worth to mention is the RH-EGF Pure Ampoule, which is also the star product from Swanicoco.
This ampule is also suitable for all skin type, especially to those who want skin regeneration and elasticity.
It contains more than 99% of EGF excellent regeneration power with addition of peptide for skin improving and preventing external stimulation.

Extra Hydrating Swan Cream is mainly for dry skin and severely dry skin.
It contains oil certified from organic farming, and fermented extracts with high moisture content natural cream.

Something to minimize your pore?
Perfect Pore Remove Clean Pealing Pack has completed test for low stimulation which effective managing of black head in pore, also it adhering to hardened sebum and well managing in pores.
It doesn't have a nice fragrance smell, but smell more naturally like herbs.

According to Kevin Hyun, General Manager of Swanicoco Korea, Swanicoco caters to all skin types and challenges.
It is the only brand trademarked with a special anti-aging fermentation process which gives a differential product offering to Watsons Malaysia.
He also proudly mentioned that one of Swanicoco's star product, the RH-EGF Pure ampoule promotes epidermal cell renewal with the Noble-Prize formulation of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

Swanicoco believes that no matter how good the ingredients are, no one will use unsafe cosmetics.
The main components of Swanicoco's products are:
#1 Herb or fermentation extracts instead of purified water
#2 Ecocert approved raw materials
#3 Patented elasticity component by the French company Sederma
#4 KFDA approved whitening and anti-wrinkle functional component
#5 Currently applying for natural components mixing process patent.
I would say these product lines are positioned in mid-end range since most of their products are ranging from RM100 to RM250.

Love my OOTD, Yay or Nay? #hehe
Btw, Swanicoco is now available exclusively at Watsons Malaysia.
If you are interested to check out more other products of Swanicoco, you may pay a visit at your nearest Watsons outlet to find out more.
Or you can click on the official website of Watsons Malaysia http://www.watsons.com.my/ to find out now!
Till next post, 안녕!


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Yea! Me too! I want to get the Gold Plan Stem Pure Ampoule with that great Ginseng smell! :)