Hi 2015!

Hello! Hello! Hello!
Christmas is over, and I hope you all had a Merry Happy Christmas with your loved ones.
I just got back from Koh Lipe, Thailand with my girlfriends on last Sunday.
It was a short trip yet a fun and enjoyable moments with my girls.
Will blog about the road trip we had done, so stay tune if you are planning a trip there!

Well, 2014 is ending soon.
For me, I really think the times running too fast!
It only seems like yesterday we were watching the fireworks, celebrating the end and start of the new year.
When I checked back my new year resolution, I realized I didn't achieve much, but I do feel so much thankful for this year.

I have been continuing my workout in this year which I always wanted to do.
Glad that I have committed myself to Zumba and New Jazz dance in my routine workout.

It is always difficult to learn a new language.
I am happy that I keep my Korean class although sometimes I feel to give it up (too difficult).

One thing to be proud of in this year is I have started my online business!
I started from scratch, sourcing the right designs, designing the brand and logo, photographing and editing etc.
Do drop by at Baggad.co and say Hi!
Also, as a low-profile blogger, I feel very blissful that I have more readers than before!
Truly appreciate and thanks so much for reading my sharing and stories here.

I have been to Bangkok 2 times in this year.
Traveled the first time with Lik Boy in April.

And the second time with my parents in June.

I finally have my dreams come true by visiting Melbourne with Lik boy in September.

2 times to GuangZhou in March and October for my business trips.

And before the year end in December, I had a beach trip with my girls in Koh Lipe.

And finally, the most important accomplishment in this year is I am not single and available anymore!
Me and Lik Boy are getting marry! *blush*blush*blush*
All my friends and family members are very excited about out marriage next year!

This year, I feel more grateful and appreciate for everything in my life.
I feel so thankful that I can always do things I like to do, and spend time with my loves one.
I truly feel so blessing and lucky that I am who I am.

To my parents; I always feel so thanksful to have you as my dad and you as my mum to give me so much of unconditional love and support to everything.

To my fiance, Lik Boy, who spoil me always like a princess and bring so much of laughs to me! Thanks for being with me all time, I feel you so much!

To my siblings; Nothing can beat our brother and sister loves. It's so good to have you all in my life. I always feel warm when we share things and overcome all kinds of obstacles together.

To my besties; It's so nice to have you all whenever I am up or down! Thanks for bringing so much of fun and enjoyment into my life!

Last but not least, Happy 2015 to you all!
I hope 2015 brings you great happiness and great success to you!

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