Cafe Lafayette @ Damansara Uptown PJ

Cafe Lafayette gives me a deep impression ever since I seen it on FB and Instagram, it's because it has the same street name as the place I stayed in Kalamazoo. #lol 
Wanna hook up this place for long time, yet didn't get the chance as Damansara Uptown is not a place that me and my friends will hang out at.
Good that has organized a gathering in 2 weeks ago over here.
Wait no more! Let's check out this lovely cafe now!

Cafe Lafayette is full of beautiful scenery of different countries which provide an urge to really want to travel around the world.
When you go up to the second floor, there is a red telephone booth and Big Ben painting placed at the staircase which can immediately make you feel like you are in London.

The cafe is designed by a home interior designer, and that''s why the place is so cozy and comfortable like you are at home.
The candle lights are in good dim which makes the dining room so cool and restful.

It is a place I would recommend for you to chill and unwind if you are feeling frazzled.
You can spend you day here not only for food and drink with your friends and family, but also have your own sweet time for a book at such homey environment.

I like how they decorated the wall with photos from the countries they have visited.
If I owned a cafe in future, I will also want to put up the postcards I have been collecting from all over the world to remind myself of those happy moments. #hehe

Cafe Lafayette has a wide range of coffee selection to fix your caffeine everyday!
Not only the standard espresso, cappuccino, long black, flat white, mocha, but also special coffee like Rose Cafe Latte, Hazelnut Cafe Latte, and Iris Cream.
You can make your mind up of the 16 choices from their coffee bar menu!

I skipped my routine cappuccino, and have their Rose Cafe Latte @ RM11.
Smell the rose before you drink it.

Cafe Latte @ RM9.

If you like strong coffee, then you may try their Siphon Coffee @ RM15.00.
It uses a siphon extraction method with atmosphere pressure, which takes about 15 minutes to get 2 shots out of it.

Hot Chocolate @ RM11 which is full of chocolate taste in it.

Well, if you are not a coffee taker, try their signature drink Elder Flower @ RM9.
It is a kind of smooth drink which contains of flower and fruit taste.
A very refreshing drink which I feel a bit like peach flavour.

Fried Mozarella @ RM12.90, with deep fried bread and stuffed with mozzarella cheese.
The bread is crispy and cheesy as the cheese stringing from one piece to another piece very well.
Dip the bread with their chili sauce would be more tasty!

For the risotto lovers, YES ME!
It is a MUST try at Cafe Lafayette and I bet you aren't able to resist it after your tried it!
Mushroom Risotto @ RM15.90 is a bit creamy with a lot of mushrooms inside.
The rice cooks so well mixed with the organic button mushroom, oyster mushroom, onion and cream.
If you like mushrooms, this is the right one for you!

Orttagio Rissoto @ RM15.90 is a new recipe which you only can see it on their lunch set menu.
It is a vegetarian risotto with various types of vegetables like broccoli, carrot, and red pepper.
I personally like Orttagio risotto more than mushroom risotto because I am a vegies person plus this dish is more lighter than the the mushroom one.
I want more of this, no kidding!!!

Salmon Spaghetti @ RM18.90 which is a stir fried spaghetti with salmon, onion, cream and salmon oil.

Hawaiian Chicken Chop @ RM19.90.
It's a grilled chicken chop topped with fried egg, grilled pineapple, a slice of shredded cheese and cherry, served with garden salad and mashed potatoes.
By adding the pineapple on top of the chicken, it brings a kind of sweet and sour taste of this dish.
I personally like their garden salad a lot because their in-house salad sauce tastes just very differently from the others.

Chicken Roulade @ RM20.90 which is one of their special dish on their menu.
It is a chicken rolled in sautee mushroom, red pepper and onion, which served with garden salad and nachos.
You probably will not realize that they actually used the chicken breast for the skin to wrap over the mushrooms so that the taste will not run off.
A recommended side-dish to share among few people together.

Balsamic Mushroom Beef @ RM24.90 is a new dish they just added to their menu.
It is a pan fried beef with button mushroom, oyster mushroom, and onion.
It taste a bit sour as it cooks with balsamic vinegar which I am sure it will stimulate your appetite well.
It comes with a garden salad and croissant for you to eat with the mouth-feel of meat.

As I have said many times before that I am not a chicken lover because I dont like it's texture.
But, this Maryland Chicken @ RM17.90 has definitely changed my mind!
They used different kinds of seasoning and herbs to make the chicken as soft as the fish, and that's why I was wondering why it taste more like fish rather than chicken.
Btw, it is a deep fried seasoned chicken chop and served with garden salad, and mashpotato.

Next, move on to their fish menu.
Fish N' Chip @ RM18.90; a deep fried-dory fish in bread batter and served with garden salad and potato chips. It also has a prepared tartar sauce and lemon as usual with this dish.
You would be surprise that there isn't any fishy smell on their fish as they do not use any frozen fish and they used about 20 herbs and seasoning to kick out the fishy smell.

Retromarcia Cordon Bleu Fish @ RM26.90, is one of the chef recommendation. 
It is a deep fried fish topped with turkey ham and sauteed mushroom, plus it baked with cheese and served Lafayette's house sauce. 

If you have no more room for dessert, why not enjoy their signature drink, Irish Cream @ RM10 after your heavy meal.
It's a very smooth coffee which top of with a cold whisked cream. 
The best way to finish it is within 5 minutes to ensure the Irish cream do not melt.

I truly love their risottos very much, and I have been craving for it ever since my first visit.
Besides, their Balsamic Mushroom Beef, Chicken Roulade and all kinds of coffee are the worth try during your visit too!

Cafe Lafayette
75M, Jalan SS21/1A, 
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603 7732 3188
Facebook: Lafayette
Instagram: @Lafayette_Cafe
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 11pm

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Maple Shuh Hong said...

wow, their fried mozallera not bad ler~~

Also I seldom come across place that serve risotto. I like mushroom and I like veggie too. I feel like want to try both the Mushroom and Ortaggio risotto ler~~