Derma365 @ 365 days of Care for Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be very disturbing.
It disturbs our daily life, prevent us from taking part in certain activities, and limit our choice of skincare and cosmetics.
Basically, sensitive skin can be a massive drag!
There are many different factors that can cause sensitive skin, such as allergies, harsh ingredients, stress, age, hormone changes etc.
And some may caused by environment factors, for example air pollution temperature change from dry air-conditioned interiors to hot and humid exteriors and lack of hydration.
If the person who has sensitive skin, he/she will suffer from uncomfortably "tight", itchy, dry or cracking skin.
So, how do you take care for it?
The answer is choose a right product that is formulated, especially for the sensitive skin type to pamper your skin. :)

Guardian Malaysia, whom operates 400 stores in Malaysia and provide variety of Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty products to more than 2.5 million Malaysian customers a month, is introducing derma365, a new skin solution for sensitive skin.
derma365 line includes Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Lotion that is suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.
The new products are clinically tested and dermatological proven which specially formulated to offer daily sensitive skin solution for you and your family.

derma365 is made in Australia, which developed by Baxter laboratories, a reserch & development centre that has excellent skin expertise and develops unique, award-winning dermatology technologies.
All their products are made according to a strict charter, superior knowledge of unique skin needs, and also quality standard.
Hence, they have developed derma365 which delivered in pH-balanced and hypoallergenic to soothe the skin and protect the skin from the harsh external environment.
Besides, both the cleanser and lotion are also formulated free from soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT, parabens, lanolin, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil, SLS and SLES so that it is gentle to be used for all skin types.

derma365 Gentle Cleaser and Gentle Lotion have combined ingredients of organic Colloidal Oatmeal and Trimethylglycine which helps to promote skin's protection barrier and protects from harsh external environment.
Trimethylglycine is to help to control water balance in skin and protect from centuries as a soothing agent to prevent from dehydration.
It's high concentration of starches and hydro-colloid B-D-glucan form an occlusive water-binding barrier that holds moisture in the skin.
Besides, it also acts as a buffer system, helping to restore the normal pH of the skin.

Own brand director from the Daily Farm Company, Mr. Alfonso Roderos said that: "with more people experiencing skin sensitivity, they wanted to create affordable products that can both soothe and protect the skin from harsh external environments. derma365 wants to empower people to enjoy healthier skin by offering differentiated and innovative products formulated by Baxter laboratories."

Meanwhile, Ms. Antoinette Lasjunies, Head of Personal Care from the Dairy Farm Group stated that: "the combination of nature and science in the derma365 line offers a gentler cleansing and moisturizing option compared to the harsh soap and water cleansing followed by heavy, potentially pore-clogging moisturizers."

derma365 Gentle Cleanser @ RM48.90 (500ml)
The cleanser is specially dedicated for cleansing and moisturization your skin everyday as it comes with a gentle texture, pH-balanced and hypoallergenic formula, and also clinically tested.
It is dermatological proven which suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, on both the face and body.
It is a mild cleanser which soothes dry skin and helps to promote the skin's protection barrier from external environment.
The formulation is free from soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT and parabens, also non-comedogenic that will not clog pores.

derma365 Gentle Lotion @ RM34.90 (200ml)
This pH-balanced gentle lotion helps to moisturize the skin and prevent dehydration for a soft and smooth skin.
It is a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic formula, clinically tested and dermatological proven for all skin types (both the face and body), including sensitive and dry skin.
The lotion is easy to spread, absorbed quickly and has a non-greasy feel to help the skin's protection barrier from external environment.
The formulation is same as derma365 Gentle Cleanser which free from soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT and parabens.

It is important to take care of your skin everyday, but not wait until the skin problems arise.
For best results, it is good to take lukewarm showers using derma365 Gentle Cleanser, and followed by the application of derma365 Gentle Lotion to the still-damp skin to moisture skin.
derma365 is available exclusively at Guardian from March 2018.
If you would like to have more information about derma365, feel free to visit their official website at

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