Get Down with New Bee in Town @ The Bee Publika

Last Friday, I visited The Bee located at Publika.
If you've never been to the place before, The Bee is a full-service bar and restaurant that has live music and shows several nights a week that ranges from local shows to nationally-touring acts and everything in between in Publika.
But for those of you who have visited the restaurant before, The Bee is now re-inventing itself to bring brand new unique experiences to the social scene; not only with a new look, but with a whole new programming as well.
There will be new food menu and brand new drinks list to the food lovers, and also a much larger space with a broad sound stage for music lovers to enjoy live shows and performances.
That sounds interesting, isn't?! Let's check it out now!

The Bee is situated at Ground Floor Block C.
It's quite easy to allocate the place as it is tucked away in its cozy corner in Publika, beside a ramp near the car park's exist.

Having been a flagship venue for local, regional and international music acts, The Bee now boasts an even bigger floor space for 850 pax, international level sound systems paired with an adaptable megadeck stage, a new cutting-edge design and an all-round venue to ensure more music lovers get their fix of their favourite tunes.

The Bee previously was dubbed as the place for indie music, and now the place is expanding its music verse to include an even wide range of genres; from pop to techno to punk rock, The Bee is set to be the best music institution in Kuala Lumpur.

The Bee will be having different live shows and performances from time to time.
For instance, Maggie Lindermann, an American singer and songwriter from Los Angeles had her first performance in KL at The Bee on 21st June 2019.
Following by Phum Viphurit presented by Collective Minds x Frisson 3 6 9 on 23th June 2019, Daniel Powter LIVE in KL on 29th June 2019 and Bazzi LIVE in KL on 18th July 2019.
For more information regarding the events and performances, you can check out The Bee FB page at

Other than the music performances, The Bee will also bringing in some of the top mixologist from around the world to treat those who enjoy a superb cocktail potion.
The bar at The Bee is focusing on providing punters with a kick-ass drinks menu, whereby on top of their range of alcohol infused milkshakes, their list of signature cocktails comprises of locally inspired mixtures too, such as Grown-Up Cincau, Amarula Shake and a class take on the Paloma.

I personally enjoyed the refreshing taste of Paloma much.

The kitchen which has also been reinvented, will be the first of its kind pop-up kitchen in Malaysia and will be hosting some of the most well-known brands from around the world.
The pop-up kitchen concept will happen throughout the year where epicurean delights from around the region will take over.
Also, The Bee will still have their in-house Chef whip up daily favourites such as Jamaican Jerk Roasted Chicken, Spiced Beef Kebab Skewers, Spinach Mushroom Pasta and more.
They are also opening their doors, for the first time to the customers for their breakfast and bring back lunch, happy hour and dinner.

Director, Brand Partnerships & Talent Bookings, Rahul Kukreja: "We are deconstructing the way entertainment, food and beverage is currently being presented in the social scene. The team and I have been in the business for decades and the one thing we want to bring to our clientele is an avenue where they get to experience some of the best live shows and F&B on a night out. It's not just about one thing, it's being able to enjoy everything under one roof and have an evolving experience anytime they come to The Bee."

I had my great time at The Bee with my friends, and will definitely come back again for their cocktails and live performances in the future.
If you love good food, want to test your beverage prowess with The Bee's emblematic range of cocktails or looking to catch some of the most enigmatic live shows in Malaysia, be sure to follow The Bee carefully on their social media platforms to be in the know, otherwise you might be kicking yourself after.

The Bee 
Add: 36B, Block C, Level G2,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603 6201 8577
Opening hours: Tues - Sun 3pm - 1am, Closed on Monday
Fb Page:

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