My Seoul Korea Diary Part 2: Yonsei University, Ewha Womans University, Hangang River, Korean Indie Band Show, Cafe Hopping at Ikseondong & Hannamdong

Hello everyone!
Can you believe it's already June?
Time seems to be flying by, and we're almost halfway through the year.
How has the second half of 2023 been treating you so far?
As for me, I can't complain; work has been keeping me busy, but I am grateful that I've still managed to take out some time for travel.
Just a couple of weeks ago, I returned from an amazing trip to Chiang Mai.
It was such a joy to reunite with my university friends after 3 years of lock down, and we all have a wonderful gathering together.
I can't wait to share all the exciting details of my Chiang Mai adventure with you in the upcoming posts.
But before we go into that, let's wrap up the second part of my Seoul trip in May.
In case you missed it, my previous blog featured part 1, where I shared my experiences exploring pop-up stores,  visiting cafes, indulging in delicious street food, and attending the incredible Seoul Festa concert.
It was quite a lengthy post, and I really appreciate to those who read it through to the end.
If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, you can find it HERE.
So, without further ado, let's jump into the next chapter of my Seoul journey right away!


On the 5th day of our Seoul trip, my two nieces, who are student themselves, said that they wanted to visit the local university.
So, I decided to fulfill their wish and set off to explore Yonsei University.
This was my first time visiting that area, and I was quite excited to see what the university had to offer after knowing about its existing for some years.

We had to walk for about 20-30 minutes from Sinchon Station to reach Yonsei University.
The weather was quite warm, around 25 degrees Celsius on that day.
To be honest, it was quite hot to walk for such a long time and spent so much time outside, but looking back now, I think the walk was worth it because Yonsei University was very pretty; nestled in a scenic area, covered in lush greenery and beautiful architecture.

Looking at the beautiful landscapes, we all wonder how they actually maintain the buildings at Yonsei University so green and beautiful.
It was really nice to walk around and enjoy the harmonious blend of nature and architecture, especially the well-maintained gardens and landscapes added to the peaceful atmosphere.
We stayed at Yonsei University for around an hour because we loved the natural beauty of the campus, and we found that it was quite a refreshing break from the busy city.

After our visit to Yonsei University, we decided to grab a quick lunch.
We found a nearby store that offered Kalguksu, a delicious Korean noodle dish, for only 5,000 won per bowl.
I wasn't a fan of Kalguksu, but I have to say that this shop run by the ajumma and ahjussi was quite impressive; three of us are satisfied by both the taste and the reasonable price. :)

After our lunch, we walked around Sinchon street for some shopping.
There are several nice shops to shop for sneakers, and my youngest niece was lucky enough to find an incredible deal on a pair of New Balance shoes.
And then we came across a rooftop cafe, Dok-dabang Cafe, which claimed to have a beautiful view of the nearby church.

We had a good time there, enjoyed our drinks and desserts while taking in the breathtaking view.
It was a peaceful and calm place away from the bustling streets below.

As we made our way to Hangang River, the subway train passed by Ewha Womans University.
Remembering my previous visit in 7 years ago, I suggested to my nieces to have a stopover to allow them to explore the university as well.

It was impressive to see how this place continued to be a popular destination over the years, as I can see the campus was still bustling with both locals and tourists, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.
During my previous visit, I remember that the food and clothing in this area were cheaper compared to other places, given its student-centric environment.
However, I had heard from a friend said that many shops had unfortunately closed down due to the impact of the pandemic.
So, our visit this time was brief, as we simply wanted to have a quick glimpse of the area.

Feel free to check out my previous post about Ewha Womans University by clicking HERE.
It's interesting to note that the scenery in May differs from what I see in September.
I've never been to Seoul for summer, and this time made me realize that each season has its own distinct charm and beauty that adds to the allure of the city.

Visiting Hangang River and having a picnic there had been on my to-do list for a long time.
I had always dreamed of experiencing this activity, and finally, during this trip, I made it come true. :)

Upon our arrival at the Hangang River station, we unexpectedly came across a stall run by 2 friendly ajummas.
They were selling ramyeon, drinks and also offering the rental service for picnic maps.

Without much hesitation, we decided to order three servings of ramyeon and rented a picnic map from them.
The ramyeon was quite pricey, cost 7,000 won, which is about RM25 for one; the most expensive ramyeon I had so far. #lol

As we explored further, we realized that eating ramyeon might not be the best idea, as we discovered that the center area of the park had numerous food stalls selling a wide variety of delicious foods.
It would have been more convenient and exciting to try different foods from these stalls instead.
On the other hand, I also think it would be more thoughtful to buy food and drinks from outside the area and bring it with us the Hangang River.
This would have allowed us to save money and also enjoy a wider variety of food.

We had initially planned to rent bikes and explore the rover by cycling, but unfortunately, the rental shop has already closed by 6pm.
It was really disappointing as I was so looking forward to experience the river from a different perspective.:(
Nothing much we can do, so we just made the most of it by sitting back and enjoying the beautiful river scenery while savoring our food and drinks.
Lucky that the weather was pleasant in the evening, and we still had a great time there.

Imagine visiting Hangang River with your loved one, it would be truly wonderful.
The peaceful atmosphere, beautiful views, and calm surroundings make it the perfect place to spend quality time togehter.
Whether you're taking a leisurely walk along the river, enjoying a picnic by the water, or simply sitting and appreciating the scenery, it would be a truly special experience. :)


Time has flown by, and it's already the 6th day of our Seoul trip.
Time always not enough to fully explore this bustling city.
On this day, we decided to visit Deoksugung Stone-Wall Road.
This place was recommended by Hyuk oppa, who mentioned that many K-dramas were filmed here.
He even jokingly said that if I hadn't been here, I couldn't call myself a true K-drama fan. #lol 

I had actually visited this place during my previous trip with Hyuk oppa in December, but it was in the late evening and the weather was too cold, so the pictures didn't turn out very well.
That's the reason I decided to revisit again this time in the morning.
Whether its in the day time or night time, both visits were enjoyable in their own way and had their unique charm.
In the day time, the place offers a different experience, with a sense of history and an ancient feeling emanating from the stone walls, while visiting in the night time, the ambiance and atmosphere were quite romantic; no wonder it is said to be a popular filming location for K-dramas. :)

We stumbled upon a nice local shop that served variety of Korean food, so we decided to stop by for a quick lunch.
We ordered bibimbap and bibim guksu, which are some of the classic Korean dishes.
Considering the quality and taste of the food, it was satisfying and wallet-friendly meal that left us full satisfied.

After visiting Deoksugung Stone-Wall Road, we went to Ikseondong, one of my favourite places in Seoul.
If you've never been here, Ikeodong has a special charm with its pretty streets and traditional Korean houses turned into trendy cafes.
It's my third time here, and I still love it so much.
This time, I decided to try out some cafes in the area, which was a new experience for me. :)

Nakwon cafe has been on my list of Seoul cafes to visit for a long time, and I was finally able to make it here.
This cafe is known for always having a long queue, so we considered ourselves lucky when we arrived and didn't have to wait as we were able to secure a table right away for the 3 of us.

What makes Nakwon cafe so special is because of the combination of the unique aesthetic and the nostalgic atmosphere of the traditional hanok house with the railway theme.
To enter the cafe, visitors gonna walk along train tracks, which is also a popular spot for capturing pictures.
Despite its cozy size, the interior boasts an impressive array of drinks and cakes, beautifully presented on a convenient conveyor belt.
For a closer look at this cafe, feel free to check out my IG Story, where I have highlighted my experience at @mizhippo

During my visit, I noticed that there was a significant queue for taking pictures with the railway at Nakwon cafe.
It seemed that some people were coming in solely for the purporse of taking photos with the railway without actually ordering anything from the cafe.
I personally think this is very unfair for customers who have paid for food and drinks as they may have to wait longer.
It would be good that Nakwon cafe takes note about this issue. :)

Finally meeting Gail for the first time during this trip.
I remember the first time I met Gail was about 8-9 years ago when she was teaching Korean in Malaysia.
It's hard to believe that we went from student and teacher to good friends who share our life stories.
We talk and share a lot of things with each others through the years.
Gail is like an older sister to me, even though she's much younger than me, #lol probably because she has a caring and warm personality.
Really appreciate her love in my life. :)

We decided to try out a Korean-Chinese cuisine near to Ikseondong.
Gail mentioned that this area tends to have more affordable food options and is often frequented by older locals.
Gail ordered 4 dishes, including fried dumplings, sweet and sour pork, spicy seafood noodles and also jjajang noodles.
These dishes are some of my fav comfort foods in Seoul, as they remind me of home-cooked meals. :)

After lunch, me and Gail wanted to have some coffee.
So, we walked to Ikseondong again, and stumbled upon Cafe Highwaist.
This cafe has a unique and cute atmosphere with white walls and traditional buildings.
The inside of the cafe looks like a fairy tale, and the bakery section has adorable and colourful treats.
They offer different types of scones like butter scones and double chocolate scones, as well as fluffy cakes with cut designs.
To be honest, the visuals of the desserts are really eye-catching, unfortunately, Gail and I were too full from lunch, so we decided to skip the desserts and only ordered their coffee.

In the evening, Hyuk oppa and I attended a live performance of a Korean Indie Band at Hongdae area.
It had been a long-time desire of mine to experience a live band performance by an Indie band, but I never had the opportunity before.
When I mentioned this to Hyuk oppa that night we had dinner together, it was a coincidence that he also enjoyed watching such performances and had attended them in the past.
He suggested to go together to fulfill my wish. :) #finally

The performance venue had a unique atmosphere as it was located underground within a shop.
The space itself was small, and minimally decorated, giving it an intimate feel.
Entrance fees is 20,000 won, about RM73 per person, and you can also buy the drinks at the counter while enjoying the performance. 

During the performance that night, there were 3 bands taking the stage; Giraffe, Pabloz, and Parosquilt.
Each band brought their unique and energy to the stage, however, among them, my personal favourite was Parosquilt.
The lead vocalist's performance was good, and I was captivated by their unique musical style. :)

Pabloz vocalist is looking good! #haha
And Hyuk oppa said that he looks like Lee Je-hoon from the K-drama Taxi Driver. :)

I am so thankful to Hyuk oppa for fulfilling my dream.
Because of him, I was able to experience the live show I've always wanted to attend.
If I have the opportunity to visit Seoul again in the future, I will definitely make it a point to attend more live Indie band shows.

Whenever Hyuk oppa asks me about dinner plans, my go-to answer is always Samgyeopsal.
He jokingly calls me a "Samgyeopsal girl" because of my love for it. #lol
He recommended a restaurant called Bo Hae which is nearby to the Indie Band show venue.

In Seoul, there are various types of soju to try, such as this Bo Hae soju which is produced in the province of Jeollado.
It's always interesting to try different variations of soju and discover the unique flavours they offer. 

This night, we had a happy evening filled with delicious food, refreshing soju and endless laughter as we shared stories and created cherished memories together.
Thanks for everything, Hyuk oppa. :)

This photo was taken at night in front of DDP, while I was walking back to the Airbnb.
DDP looks stunning at night when all the lights are on, making it a captivating view.
It was a memorable night that I will always cherish and remember. :)


It's our last day in Seoul, a feeling bittersweet.
It rained all day long, but we didn't let it affect our mood at all. 
So to make the most of it, we headed to Hannam-dong for the last shopping spree.
This area is perfect for those looking for local brands like Mardi Mercredi, Marithe Francois Girbaud, Emis, Nonfiction etc. 
These are all my fav brands in Korea, and if you're a fan of these brands or want to explore unique Korean fashion, Hannam-dong is the place to be. 

For breakfast, we visited BeBeBe, a bakery called baked Bagel by Berlin located at Hannam-dong.
After trying I am Bagel during my trip in December, I instantly fell in love with the bagels in Seoul; they were really sooooo yummylicious. 
Indeed, there are many bagel shops I wanted to try, like the London Bagel Musuem, but the long queues always discourage me.
So, this time I stumbled upon BeBeBe through XHS and noticed its charming decor.
Since I was already in the area for shopping, I decided to give it a try!

The cafe building was built using reddish-brown bricks, giving it a distinctive appearance.
Inside the cafe is adorned in a cute and unique style, featuring many bear-theme decorations.
On the first floor, you can place your order for bagels and drinks.
There is a dedicated area where you can select your preferred bagel variety and cream cheese flavour, offering a wide range of choices to suit your preferences. 

Then, the second and third floors of the cafe provide ample seating areas with various decorative themes.
Each floor is uniquely designed to create a different ambiance and atmosphere to the customers.

Make sure to visit their rooftop area, which offers a great spot to enjoy some fresh air and a lovely view.
Unfortunately, due to the rain, I wasn't able to experience it firsthand, but I can imagine it would be a perfect place to relax and unwind with the freshly baked bagels and a steaming cup of coffee.

After our shopping spree, we spent sometime to pack our luggage as we have to go to the airport at midnight and catch the early morning flight at 7am.
Once packing done, we decided to treat ourselves to a delicious Korean meal at an authentic Korean restaurant nearby.

We were looking for some comforting soup dishes during the raining day. 
Lucky enough to stumbled upon this authentic Korean restaurant which is just about 3 mins walk from our Airbnb.
They served very nice Haejangkuk, Kimchi Jjigae & Gyeran-jjim, all are my fav!

We ended our last night with some Bingsu.
As I mentioned earlier in Part 1, there was a renowned dessert shop conveniently located on the first floor of our Airbnb.
So, we decided to try it before we leave Seoul.
My nieces ordered the mango bingsu, because they said it's the cheapest one on the menu. #haha
To our surprice, the mangoes in South Korea turned out to be very sour compare to the Malaysian one. :)

And that concludes my Seoul trip in May.
I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I've enjoyed writing it.
Going through all the pictures and videos once again and completing both Part 1 and Part 2 has reignited my longing in Seoul.
Thank to Seoul for always bring me so much of joy and happiness.
Though I'm not sure when I'll have the opportunity to come back again, I hope you will always remain your timeless beauty and warm charm until I come back next time.
Till then....Love from Malaysia <3

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