Home Style Kitchen Asam House 金门餐馆 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Hello everyone!
What should we talk about today?
What about food?
Do you love Chinese food?
Let say YES!

Home Style Kitchen Asam House is a newly renovated Chinese restaurant which located at Bandar Puteri Puchong.
I am not very sure what's the old name of the restaurant, but anyway it is now named as Asam House. #lol
The restaurant is very easy to spot at the main road of 2/3 because the 2 units combining shoplot are all painted in orange, also the signboard is in a sharp yellow-orange colour.

You might have doubted what kind of food that Asam House is offering by looking at the pictures of it's very simple interior; plus there aren't many customers inside the restaurant.
That's probably because the restaurant is still very new.
Anyhow, the restaurant is clean, spacious, and also it filled with so many different savory dishes.
Come! Let's follow me to eat at Asam House now!

How about starting the menu with their fish dishes?
Steamed Dragon Grouper 蒸龙虎斑 @ RM108.00.
The grouper was steamed with the superior soy sauce, also with a touch of ginger and garlic.

Steam Green Pepper Pomfret (青椒蒸金昌) @ RM48.00.
It's one of the signature fish dish that serves with grind green pepper sauce.

Asam Red Dates (Asam红枣鱼) @ RM68.00
The asam source is perfectly good for stimulating appetite.

Move on to the crab dishes.
Butter salted Egg Crab (黄金蟹) @ RM88 for 2 pieces.
The butter salted egg sauce is thick and creamy, yet I was expecting a bit more sauce to dip the crab meats though. :p

XL Salty Wine Crab (XL盐酒焗蟹) @ RM88 for 2 pieces.
This dish has a very pleasing freshness with the wine sauce, but also keep the freshness for the crab meat.

Boston Lobster Soup (一虾两味龙蟹汤) @ RM230.00.
I like the soup very much as it's not very heavy and rich, but is somehow light and fresh with full of flavour.

Boston Salad Crab (波士顿龙蟹) @ RM238.00
This dish is perfect for someone who prefer light, and flavourly tastes.

And then some prawn dishes.
Pumpkin Shrimp (金瓜明虾) @ RM28.00.
Pumpkin with prawns are heavenly! Love the rich pumpkin sauce which is velvety smooth and creamy.

Asam Shrimp (Asam明虾) @ RM28.00.
This sweet and sour prawns are a great accompanied with 2 bowls of steamed rice, perhaps? #hehe

Garlic Fried Mantis Prawn (蒜香濑尿虾) @ RM48.00 for 6 pieces.
I personally do not like this dish very much as Mantis Prawn is always not worth eating because there's not much meat on them.
I would prefer the big ones, but big ones always cost a lot. :(

Some other seafood dishes that available at Asam House.
Clams in Clear Soup (上汤啦啦) @ RM28.00.
It is served with a light clear soup loaded with lots of sweet and fresh clams.

Thai Style Garlic Squid (泰式蒸苏东) @ RM32.00.
I am sure the spicy and sour sauce is gonna be delicious enough to stimulate everyone's appetite.

Steamed callop (扇贝) @ RM32.00.
This is one famous and also a must order dish in China.
If you have ever had it before, you should try it out at Asam House. :)

Garlic Spicy Abalone (蒜草蒸生鲍) @ RM88.00 for 3 pieces.
It's a braised fresh abalone seasoned with garlic in spicy.

Spicy Sour Clams (酸辣蛤) @ RM18.00.
It's a special dish that the sweet flavours of clams pair perfectly with the spicy chili and a bit of bean sauce.

Braised Raw Abalone (红烧生鲍) @ RM88.00 for 3 pieces.
Maybe it is slightly expensive, but I think you must try a least once!

Lastly, there are also many popular Chinese dishes with affordable price at Asam House too.
Pandan Chicken (香叶鸡) @ RM4.00 per piece.
Love the moist and tenderness of the boneless chicken.

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (京都排骨) @ RM26.00.
One of my favourite at the restaurant because of the ribs are so tender and juicy!

Garlic Stir Fried Longbeans (蒜香双豆) @ RM16.00.
It can be one of the finger food before the main courses are served.

Minced Pork Fried Egg (金沙蛋) @ RM16.00.
A simple dish for those who love minced meat with the fried egg.

I think Asam House is a good place where food and family come together.
It's a comfortable place with affordable price for you and your family to enjoy the Chinese cuisine.
Indeed, I recommended this to my elder sister since she stays at Bandar Puteri.
I am glad that she said her family enjoyed the food there very much, especially the sweet and sour pork ribs,Thai Style Garlic Squid, pumpkin prawns, and Steam Green Pepper Pomfret that I suggested to her.
If you stay somewhere near by the Asam House, I think you should visit there at least once to try out their signature dishes.

Home Style Kitchen Asam House 金门餐馆
No: 20 (GF), Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 603 8051 7107
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/HomeStyleKitchenAsamHouse/

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