Day 1: Korea (Seoul & Jeju Island)

I was really busy since 2014 started!

Full time job is busy like crazy as we are expanding our overseas market to local market now.
It is actually good for me since I can learn something new after joining this company for 5 years!
Besides, I also busy setting up my own company like namecard design, company bank account, websites etc.
Most important thing is CNY is around the corner, I have been spending lots of times to do the clean up, too much old stuffs to throw away!
Arghhh..I really wish to have another 24 hours in a day so that I have enough time to settle all the pending things.

Anyway, I am still trying my very best to come up here to share things that I like in my daily life.
One of my new year resolution is to update my blog more frequently.
Intention is to share my life stories with you all, but also to keep my life memories for future...*WIN WIN*


Ok..Back to the topic ~~~ My Korea trip in Dec 2013
First of all, apologies for the pictures taken on the first day, they were not very nice/clear as I had a very tired and tight schedule on that day.
As this time I was travelling with my mum, sister, brother in law, and 2 little nieces, I have no choice that we have to tag along the tour company.
I mean if I were to travel with my friends or boyfie, I wouldn's choose that option, would prefer free and easy itenary to really explore the country.

Anyway, we took the late night flight at 12am from KL to Seoul via Korean Airlines.
I have been travelling via Korean airlines 2 times when I got to transit to USA.
I personally quite like the service from this airline as the stewardess are mostly pretty and friendly, the food also much better than other airlines.
Yea! This time I had a late flight! I mostly travelled in early morning where I have to get up at 5am, sometimes even more early than that! I seriously hate it the most!
So, good thing about night flight is you can sleep in the plane right away when you get up to the plane.
Unfortunately, it was shame that I didn't really take a good sleep in the plane as I was quite excited to see Korea in person ^^

Once we arrived at Seoul airport,  we headed to the departure hall, collected our luggages, and met up with our tour leader.
Our tour leader name Esther. She is pure Korean but she can speak Mandarin very well.
That's because she was studied and worked in Taiwan for about 7 years.
A very nice lady who provide lot's of information about the country, and she has been very helpful for all kind of questions and help during our trip.

Didn't get the chance to take many photos when we arrived as Esther told us we were running out of time according to our first day itenary.


Gosh, please give me a cure for my eye wrinkles!
It has been following me many years and I still can't get rid of it after using different eye creams.
I guess only botox or surgery can help? 
If you have any better solution, please do share with me fast!

Mum always get very excited on her trips although this is not her first time to Korea!

First thing we did once we left the airport is to have an early lunch
Our first meal in Seoul was local traditional meal
So we got the same thing like in Malaysia, with many different side dishes in Korean way.
I personally like the pork soup a lot as the pork there is so fresh and taste also damn good!

Although the staffs there can't speak English at all but they have been very helpful.
Like one of the lady there rolled some rice with the seaweed and then just feed my elder niece without saying anything. Haha!

Esther told us that this restaurant is quite famous in the city.
It is opened by the local famous artist from older generation and the business here is pretty good. It is usually fully booked by the customers.

The first day in Seoul was not so cold, just a little bit windy.
Plus we have been staying indoor most of the time, so I was quite lucky with the first day "thin" outfit!


After the lunch, we heading to the 63 Square Building

Inside the 63 square building, you can access to many different activities like SeaWorld, 63 Sky Deck, Art Gallery, and 62 Wax Museum.

First, let's enter to the SeaWorld with me!

So many sea animals to see inside the Seaworld!

Look at me and them! Aren't they cute in person?!

I personally quite like this shot with these lovely birds.
This is WITHOUT any editing K! ^^


Selfie inside the big aquarium!

Right after the SeaWorld, we continue with the tour to 63 Sky Art Gallery

This Sky Art Gallery is located at 60 floor.I would say nothing much about it, but just to see the whole Korea from the top view.
To be frank, the best top view that I have seen so far after New York, Taiwan, HK and Korea, still HK is the best view for me.

It's quite challenging for me to take this picture as I have phobia of height all this while.
And my mum took this picture for me. So far that's the best piece she done for me!

The last stop inside the 63 Square Building is the Wax Museum which is located in the basement.

This Wax Musuem started with these 4 wax figures of world leaders such as Queen of England.


Once after the main entrance, this wax museum has divided into different rooms to check out.
First room : With the policians ~~~

Me with Mr. President Abraham Lincoln.
It was an honored to seat so close with the famous persident in the States.

Mr. Obama!

Second room: With the Musicians and Aritists~~~
Also my sister favourite's room!

My dad used to force 3 of us (daughters) to learnt piano since I was at 9.
Honestly, I don't have good talent in playing piano, and so I gave up when I was at level 6, what a waste, right!
But my 2 sisters are now with degree holder in piano and they are now the professional great piano instructors!
Btw, Beethoven and Mozart are still my favourite composer even though I hardly play piano now.

Met up Michale Jackson as well!

The next big wax statue in the room is The Last Supper!

I was very impressed with the work on this huge statue!
They did it very details and real on everyone face expressions!

And I have to seperate them into few pieces because I can't get them all in 1 full picture!
You can imagine how big and long it is!?!

Ok, Third Room ~~~ With the Super heroes and Comic heroes
It is a Happy Room!


Spider man! My all time favourite hero!

How can you not like the Robots?! They used to be our all time heroes during our childhood!

The Black Man!

My brother in law all time idol, David Beckham!

The forth room: With all the Chamber of horror


They were like so real till I was not brave enough to get a single picture with them.

Right before you left the musuem, there are many small wax statues inside a glass window.
You can see many different famous statues like Bruce Li, Leslie Cheong, Michael Jordon, Batman Joker etc.

Finally, we have done all the activies in 63 Square Building within 3 hours.
We don's have enough time to take pictures with every single things as tour leader only gave us 40 minutes for every visits.
That's one of the bad thing followingthe tour company!


Like I said early, we were been rushing a lot on the first day as we had to fly to Jeju Island in late afternoon on the same day!

We fly to Jeju Island from the Gimpo airport but not the airport in Seoul.
This airport is little smaller and I wonder if there is any heater inside the building, because we were all like freezing while waiting for the flight!

The flight takes about 45 minutes to arrive at Jeju Island!

Once we arrived, we were served a good dinner with Ginseng Chicken Soup!

I tell you! This is the best Ginseng Chicken Soup I had so far!


Seriously till now, I still miss the soup so much!

After the awesome dinner, we came to YongDuam Rock.
It is a volcanic rock that was created from an eruption about 2 million years ago.
It looks like a roaring dragon rising from the sea into the sky.

The roaring dragon just right behind me. Can you see that?

And then we spent some times over there to take night scene pictures before heading back to the hotel.

Last but not least, a picture with pretty mermaid at the YongDuam Rock.


Overall, day one was pretty good in Seoul and Jeju Island, just too excausted with so many activities going on.
But, I am sure you will look forward to my day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5 and more in Korea!


Let's get you excited now by posting one of the pic from day 2 in Jeju Island..Haha!


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