Signature @ The Roof @ The Pure And Indulgent Floral Flavours of Perrier Jouet

Imagine that you kick back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal with an amazing view from high top to the city.
Sounds cool, isn't it?
Situated on top of the First Avenue, Signature @ The Roof gives you a different dining experience with a wonderful view of the KL Skyline from it's roof top.
Signature is a trendy and premium gastro-lounge that serves it's award-winning signature cocktails, great selection of international premium beverages, as well as plethora of Asian and International fusion cuisine.
Apart from the gastronomic dining experience, Signature also serves as an ideal and classy joint for social gatherings and events designed to meet customized experience.
It's my first time dining at the roof top in KL, and I'm totally in love with this place!
Continue reading and you will know why.... :)

It is an honored and privilege to be invited to the collaborative series with Signature and Perrier-Jouȅt of an intimate champagne pairing dinner on how the floral and fruity flavours of the curves bring out the best in the award winning restaurant's latest menu.
Totally a well spent evening with good food, drink and great people.

Perrier-Jouȅt was founded in 1811 by Pierre Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adelaide Jouȅt, who specializing in crafting elegant, floral wines of rare finesse with a Chardonnay hallmark.
Since it's founding, it has focused on the celebration of art noveau, taking inspiration drawn from nature with the desire to infuse beauty into daily life.
Perrier-Jouȅt is the first champagne House to create a dry champagne, which led to the birth of the famous Brut in 1856. It has only 7 cellar masters in the 200 years since it's founding, ensuring the highest quality and ability of each cellar master.

For the evening, the usually trendy and premium gastro-lounge, was transformed into a botanical wonderland reflecting the natural inspirations of the champagne maker.
Entrance to restaurant from inside outside looks very inviting for dinner and drinking.
I was overwhelmed by the great atmosphere that full of flowers and plants.

Each dish served has been carefully selected to bring out the flavoursome palette and aromatic notes of the Perrier-Jouȅt Grand Brut and Perrier-Jouȅt Blason Rosé.
Perrier-Jouȅt champagnes are all about created vintages and curves which have distinctive characters of their own.
For instance, Grand Brut is delicate, elegant and balanced, with great florality, while Blason Rosȅ is an intense and balanced champagne that features a more fruity fragrance.

Perrier-Jouȅt Grand Brut @ RM118++ has a pale and sparkling yellow robe, which is suggestive of vivacity and carries notes of cherry plum, lemon and bergamot orange which emerge first on the palette, then make way for the flowerful flavours of fruit tress, such as lime and honeysuckle.
These are followed by notes of butter, madeleine cakes, vanilla sugar, grapefruit, white peaches, green pears, apple trees, and green hazelnuts to round off the tastes.
On the other hand, Perrier-Jouȅt Blason Rosé @ RM350++ features a wonderfully juicy blend of blackcurrant buds, pear, apricots and cherry plum that emerge first, only to give way to the fragrances of blackcurrant and blood oranges, followed by notes of créme de cassis, raspberry, honeysuckle and roses, culminating in lime, blackberries, and Morello cherries.

Which one do I prefer?
I would go with Perrier-Jouȅt Grand Brut because the alcohol taste itself is much stronger.
Perrier-Jouȅt Blason Rosé doesn't taste a lot like alcohol as it is sweet and fruity based alcohol.

For the starter and main course, it was arranged to pair with the incredible Perrier-Jouȅt Grand Brut.
It is trusted that Grand Brut will pair perfectly with fish and seafood dishes while it's marvelous florality will enhance the perfumes of the main courses.

The starter first featured Oyster Shooters.
It's more like a cross over between a cocktail with an entree, but no doubt it's such a perfect for entertaining.

Then, followed by Garlic Prawns, Otak Otak Dumpling, Mushroom Salad, and Signature's favourite Mushroom Soup.
The prawn is fresh and moist; the soup does have a full pure mushroom flavour; just that I find the Otak-Otak Dumpling tasted more like a curry puff instead of Otak-Otak. :)

The main course comes with Flying Tandoori Chicken Pasta, Lamb Rack, Chicken Rice Ball, and Barramundi Fish.
Love the fried stuffed Chicken Rice Ball with it's super crispy skin, and also fresh steam Barramundi Fish that top with glass noddles.

Finally, the sweet delicacies served for dessert will find an alter-ego in the intense fruitiness of Perrier-Jouȅt Blason Rosȅ.

Sweet selection with Chocolate Brownie, Red Velvet, and Lychee Cheese Tart!
Sweetness is overloaded with all three different desserts on the plate!

Overall, Signature @ The Roof is definitely a place to visit if you are looking for a place to escape from the norm city and wanted to have some fun.
The interior design is beautiful, with amazing night view, night cool music, and also excellent customer service too.
I would highly recommend this place to you because I believe this would be a great place for meeting friends, families, and colleagues.
See you next time, Signature @ The Roof

Signature @ The Roof
Sky Level 1, First Avenue, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 7726 1588

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