Signs Your Kitchen Cabinet Needs to Be Repaire

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Anyone here is looking to hire professionals for kitchen cabinet repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?
For me, kitchen is always the most important room in my home because that's the family bonding area, which not only ties your home together, but also ties your loved ones together.
No matter what type of home you live in, no matter how large or small, you will likely agree that no home is complete without a kitchen.
Am I right?! :)
So, what if your beautiful kitchen that you spend countless hours making nutritious food for your loved ones is a wreck and cabinet is falling apart.
Don't fret! You can get experts to fix up your kitchen in no time easily!

Here are some cabinet warnings to watch out and how a professional can help fix it for you:
#1 Sagging shelves: Wondering why you cabinet is lower than usual? Because it has sagged! It’s natural as your shelves been there for a long time and the fixture is loosen. A pro handyman can replace new fixtures to get it where is should be again.

#2 Worn-out drawer slides: Pulling your drawers and it no longer smooth when you first bought it? The sliding mechanism has served you greatly and it’s time for a change or probably it is misaligned. An experienced contractor can replace and adjust them for you.

 #3 Misaligned cabinet doors: Realized your cabinet door are crooked and doesn’t stay straight? The fixture on the door need some tighten up or maybe replace the old part. A reliable renovation contractor can make you cabinet door straight with some magic.

#4 Doors that slam shut: Closing your cabinet door with a bang? Or the spring or damper in your cabinet door need some servicing?

#5 Warped drawer bottoms: Your stuff in your drawer are sinking! It is because the lightweight plywood at the bottom has waged.

#6 Broken drawers: Most of your drawers is broken but you don’t want change new cabinet? A handyman can just make and replace that broken ones only and can help you save some cash.

#7 Scratches in the wood: Your beautiful wooden cabinet has lose their shine? A pro can give them new life with some coat of paint or vanish.

Here are also the 5 reasons why you should call for your kitchen renovation needs:
#1 They provide free consultation to make your kitchen dream come true!
#2 They have a team of experienced handyman and skilled workers to provide you the highest quality of work. No sloppy work and they will keep your kitchen clean after they are done.
#3 Their renovation services are widely available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. They are able to go wherever you are.
#4 Their workers will fix and install kitchen according to your schedule. Fast, Flexible and Efficient are their business values.
#5 Have a limited budget? No worries, they provide one of the best quotes in town to suit your needs.

Besides kitchen cabinet repair, they also perform kitchen installation and other renovation works for residential and commercial purposes.
Here are other services that they provide:
#1 Remove old cabinets and install new kitchen cabinet and countertops
#2 Add new cabinets and countertops onto existing kitchen
#3 Build new kitchen and renovate old kitchen

Yeap! Wait no more and give the Space Reno team a call or email them at
They have a friendly team waiting on your call and ready to serve you.

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